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Hello! Having studied in the UK, I relocated back home to Hong Kong after graduation. There’s nothing more extraordinary than how my sister and I became inspired and started making aroma skincare products.

Before I started The Earth Aromatherapie, I had always searched for natural and non-toxic skincare and soap. I have always been a hard-worker and take things very seriously. I never leave things half done and do not give up easily. Because of my strong-willed and ambitious character, I believe that theres always room for improvement and every product can be improved; this helps to differentiate myself from the market.

When I first started, I thought about the dilemma that many people faced. Most skincare products are generally full of chemicals and arent very effective, and the ones that are effective, these would also contain many harmful chemical ingredients. I was determined to solve this problem and utilize my knowledge of Asian holistic beauty and skincare to craft my own natural skincare and soap products that I wouldeventually nurture into a brand. I hoped that one day my brand can achieve the level of success that mainstream brands have achieved.

The products to each customer is unique, as each person will have different requirements. We listen to what the skin needs and design the perfect skincare for each individual. They are natural, non-toxic, efficient and effective. I always aim to create them such that they can be used by people of different skin types.

There are many natural skincare products and handcrafted soap in the market with simple formulae that can easily be replicated and improved. There is simply nothing special about a product with generic ingredients and formulae. Nowadays, many customers are asking and looking for more than just the same.

Now more than ever, we are becoming more health-conscious with most of us seeking truly effective products, regardless of the price. The more health conscious we are, the more we are willing to spend on big branded skincare. However, as with most big brands, these products are often over-priced; not only do they charge customers absurd amounts for something generic, but they also contain toxic and unnatural chemicals.

I have to admit that I was among those who were blinded by pretty packaging, labels and brands. I often also had the misconception of natural products somehow being ineffective because I believed in the heavily marketed mainstream skincare products. But now, I care about the ingredients in the products, not the pretty packaging nor the name on the packaging. And at the same time, I want products that work and make me feel glowing from the inside!

After some exploration to find the right supplier, Im very lucky to discover an organic farm in Wales (Great Britain) and being able to import to Hong Kong. They are natural and a mixture of Chinese and Western cultures. With some investigation into each individual ingredient, I am like a child in a candy shop, eyes wide open in amazement. We are constantly formulating and creating new products that bring the best from both unique cultures.

My formulae are unique, non-toxic and carefully handcrafted in small batches to ensure the best quality and freshness in each product.